Thursday, January 25, 2018


You remember yesterday when I made a postcard in black and white, this is how it looks in color.

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  1. Hey Elijescha,

    This is Jade C from the Summer Learning Journey blogging team!

    I am glad that you found out a way to post your picture in colour! What did you use to create this image? Did you use google drawing?
    I really like how you made a border and have all the images that relate and represent New Zealand. It makes the postcard eye-catching, exciting, and colourful. I also like how you have placed the Pohutukawa tree in the middle and the beach. Those two things are definitely the key icons of New Zealand.

    If you were given this postcard, who would you write to? Where would you send your postcard? Would you send it to someone who lives overseas?
    I would send this card to my cousin in Korea. She is getting married in May this year. I wouldn't be able to fly all the way to Korea to attend the wedding so I will be writing a congratulations and good luck card for her.

    I really enjoyed reading your blog posts! :) Have a great weekend.

    Jade C.


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