Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cat’s whiskers

Cat’s whiskers

“Hello” “I am Elijescha and I am going to tell you the stath about cat’s whiskers I am in that group.”  “Well we can start at the start.” “Cat have whiskers on their face, but osel on their poles and ears!”  “It is amazing is it not.”  “The whisker on  the cat’s legs helps her or him to catch the pra, like rats  rabbits and if the cat is bigger they can catch der people and other large animals.”
“The ear whiskers helps them to keep bad stath out of their ear.”
“And last of all, the false whiskers help the cat to send the stath around him or her,
The dit of wind cang drachens not to hit stat and them the cat sense the change and nose there is something in front of him or her!” “I am glad I
could share this information to you!”
“Bye  bye bye!”

Friday, May 19, 2017

Playing Netball!

    When we arrive at netball I was so excited,  I could burst!  Our team was going to vs another team, it seems like they are going to win, I told myself.  "No" I said to myself, we will win!

     I was in first half, in netball.  I had to guard  a person called Mikayla.  She was taller then me, but I got the ball sometimes. when we finished the game,we gave the other team high fives.  It was the best game ever!😃
I was watching this movie,⬇⇩ it is osem! I wish I could go in spas. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hello I have been working on my six time tadel, I got them all perfekt this time!
this is my work.
Math is fun for me, is it fun for you?

bye bye!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Hello to you all, I am happy that you are here I am going to let you about my math. this math stradey is one of my favorite math stradey, it is almost like edition and stretching, this is how you do it.

and this is how you do it it is very eavy to line.  
I love this stratty! 
bey bey blog you later!