Thursday, December 22, 2016

come over!

On Tuesday my friends came to visit me.  We played a lot of games, it was fun!  One of the games is where I am a tiger and Mikayla is a tiger too, Saffiya was our owner, it was fun. We pretend the vet was going to spade us (spaying means the animals can not breed. And if you spade a tiger it is bad because they are on the endangered list!).
It was fun to have my friends over!  Here is when we played a black eagle game.  Mikayla and Saffiya was my babies!  It was fun!!!!!!!

 here is a picture I draw on the internet of  we pretending to be tigers.
here is a black eagle picture.

It was the end of the play date.  The day was fun!!!


  1. It is great, that you have enjoyed the day so much!!!

  2. Wow Elijescha! I love all of the pictures and especially the drawing you have done! That is an interesting fact about tigers! Are they all endangered or just some species?

  3. Hello MissM. Yes, I do think they are all on the endangered list. It is sad!

  4. Kia ora Elijescha!
    Thanks for the Bears (and pandas) I hope we can have another play date again!
    The pictures are amazing!


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