Thursday, September 21, 2017


This is our snails they are Friends!


  1. hello it is me Anakin here gast to little you now you need a bit more staff on the snail slide the end by Sophie
    i like to call my salls anakin

  2. Hi Elijescha Milla here I love your Snail slide it is so cool I like how you had the pictures in it well done that was a amazing bye bye see ya later.

  3. Kia ora Elijescha, Zoey here.
    I love your snail slide because it is so creative.
    Maybe next time you could say why the snails are your friends.
    Blog U Later

  4. Hi Elijescha kaunteya here. I like how you made slides about your pet snails. I fort it was gonna be an animation but it doesn't matter. Maybe you guys could put a bit more detail. Good job bye.

  5. Bonjour Eliijescha
    I like snails a little bit.
    Your snails seem friendly like you two.
    what do you like about snails?

  6. kia ora elijescha i like how u put photos on your blog post well done on this bye

  7. Hi It is Hayley I really like your snail slime... GET IT!!! SLIME, SLIDE!
    from Hayley

  8. kia ora Elijescha,Courtney here,I love you slide about snails.the 3 things about it was that you needed to put more stuff on your slide and you need to fix up some of your writing so it can make since.thats all from me you latter

  9. Bonjour Elijescha Sita.
    This animation is very cool I would like to see more.
    I like the desciptive words that you used to make this animation alot more interesting. I also like how you made it day and night to make it look cooler. I have a question... could you maybe add more slides to the animation to make it look more interesting?
    Thats all for now
    Blog ya later


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