Friday, September 22, 2017

My Student Led Conference

I am proud of this, I like it a lot!


  1. Hi elijescha Those are great goals good because it is a great goal to do and you can also try to make more goals if yuo complete them

  2. Goog job!
    your slide is great it was really intereisting.

  3. Hi Elijescha it is bailey here i liked your student conference keep it up blog you later god job.

  4. Hi, Elijescha it's Hunter here I like your writing goal. This reminds me of my post. Some advice is to do something a little bit harder for fitness. That's all from me BLOG YOU LATER!!!!!!

  5. Kia ora Elijescha
    Chloe here nice work keep all the amazing goals and everyone thing up.

    Do you think you could put more information on your goals it would make it 10x better than what it already is.
    Ill catch you later bye for now.

  6. Hello Elijescha
    Milan here, now I thought this slide was actually good and that you have done so well and that you have concentrating in your slide, you should do this to all of your slides cause it is cool.

  7. Hi Elijescha its Jesse here I like this post because there is a fitness goal. but maybe you can write some more BLOG YOU LATER!!!


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