Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Hello  I am Elijescha.  My class and I have been learning about Matariki. 
This is my voky, he will tell you about Matariki. 

biy biy 
From Elijescha and Sammy.


  1. Kia ora Elijescha, it’s Dayton from Paihia School. I like your Matariki blog post, but I think you should add some more information about Matariki on your blog post. Anyway I like that photo of a cat explaining about Matariki, but there’s one problem. When I click on the link, it won’t work. But I think your blog post is great.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Kia ora Elijescha.
    I love your Voki character and the information you have shared through this. Very informative and interesting. Good work.

  3. Hey Elijescha,
    What a cool task. I really like your Voki. Good job embedding a link too! What is your favourite Matariki fact?

  4. kia ora Elijescha its Aliyah. I like your Matariki blog post.I think you could add some more information about the Matariki voki.

  5. kai ora Elijescha
    i really like your voki that is pretty cool i like the character you picked i really like your Matariki blog post. you have done really well
    next time you could write more writing
    well i have to go now bye!

  6. Kia Ora Elijescha, I really like your post but I haven't hound that much information, but I think that's good effort, Really like it,

  7. Hello Elijescha that's a really creative voki and a cool one and I can tell why you did a cat as your voki cause you love cats. I made a voki to. I think that's a really cool way to tell people about matariki. Blog ya later.

  8. Kamusta, Elijscha, Shyla here. This is a excellent post, as I really liked your voki. Next time you could put just a little more info about this, but great work!
    Blog ya later!

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  10. Kia ora Elijescha Isabella here
    I loved your voki that you did it is very cute
    maybe next time if you have time you can
    make your own one so it will look very cool and creative
    Anyways bye

  11. Hi Elijescha it is me addison i know why you chose a cat because you like cats i have to go now.

  12. Kia,ora Milla here from Gilberthorpe school. I love the way you say biy biy, Is it a different language?
    Maybe next time you could add more information
    and make a screencastify of it.
    How come you made it a cat? do you like cats or do
    you perfore dogs? from- Milla

  13. kia ora I Im gemeve from gilberthorpe school
    I enjoyed the part when you put a cat on you voki and I enjoyed also enjoyed the part when you put the voki link on to it. Did you think about when you go on voki you can't see what you did so you need to put it so you can see what you did. How come you didn't put more information on ti to know what to do and explain how to use voki

  14. Hi Elijescha Its alizae I enjoyed the part when...The Voki was talking about Matariki. Did you think about making
    Voki to tell us more about Martariki Why Did you want to do this but good job bye now.


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