Thursday, August 24, 2017

Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners

I think Fidget Spinners should not be allowed at school because,
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What is a spinners 
spinners is a thing what spines!

The spinners has been a turn at  Gilberthorpe school.

1 It distracts the person.

2 It Can also distracts the teaches.

3 They get stuck in hair.

4 It could be used  for a weapon.

5 Tt cat used cipe tithe.

That is why I think leave the Fidget Spinners at home!


  1. Hi Elijescha my name is Antonette and I'm a year 6 student from St.Bernadette's School. I really like the way you started your sentence " Why I think Fidget Spinners are not be allowed at school because..." and then listed the reasons why you think fidget spinners are not to be allowed at school. Please look back at your work next time because there are some mistakes I saw and some sentences that didn't make sense like the one at number 5, I didn't understand what it meant?.I can't wait till your next post!

  2. Hi Elijescha Elham here.
    I like how you've given some reasons that we must not have fidget spinner in the school.
    Next time when finished read if it make sense then publish.
    Blog you later!

  3. Hi Elijescha it's Siyona here in Rimu class. Why I think Fidget Spinners are not be allowed at schoo because they distracts the teacher . Maby next time cheek your work there is a lot of mistaks to cheek so next time when you post it cheek it before you post it blog you later .

  4. Hi Elijescha its dylan nice work it would be nice to see more lol

  5. Hey Elijecha TJ here from Rimu Class I love fidget spinners they are the best in the world even I love them more then my friends ok now bye have a good day at school bye now.

  6. Hey Elijescha, Aryan here checking out your blog!
    I think do distract people but I think they should still be brung too school if people act responsibly.
    I think you did really good on this!
    Anyways catch ya later!

  7. Hi Elijescha, I think fidget spinners should not be allowed at school too. There are a lot of spelling mistakes and I can't read the 5th one. Blog Ya Later


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