Friday, December 30, 2016

Building a house on Minecraft

Minecraft is a cool game! It is a game where everything is bloks. Here is some pictures.

Minecraft is a great game!
What Minecraft is like?

This is not the real Minecraft, but it is still fun!  The real Minecraft cost money. We have to pay $9, but you may pay less or more.  The real Minecraft is easy... but on survival it is hard, but  fun!
You get lots of different Minecrafts, but how many there is, I am not sure?   Do you now?

What you can do on Minecraft!

On Minecraft  you can place and delete.  You can put flowers and trees down, you can make a house. The house up there is a house I made on Minecraft. I also made another house but it is more a hut.

Facts oMinecraft 

According to Wikipedia, Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Friends coming to our house!

They came on Friday! I was so excited. 
One of the things
that Jonathan (the little boy) did, that I  didn't like, was that he spilt all the sugar on the home device!

On Tuesday we went to Spencer Park...

When we went to see the chickens,
my mum brought chicken food with, but when we saw the 
sign . . .

so we didn't feed chickens!  

When we went in the place, I saw two Peacock feathers, I gave one of  the feathers to Jocelyn (one of my best friends). Here is a picture of  Jocelyn and me.


Here is my feather.

When they left us, I did not like it.😟

but it was fun!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Road to Bethlehem!

going to  Bethlehem is fun!  

It told us the story  of Jesus being born!

When  we entered Bethlehem the people what was in the play, was either bare feet or had sandels of the olden days on. I was bare feet too

In the first part was Mary and Joseph and a angel. It was fun. The second part it had markets. The Roman empire told us we had to go immediately  to where you were born, if you are a man. Then we went to Bethlehem, we had to leave immediately!

We  were almost to Bethlehem. The man what was leading us,  stopped in front of the king's doors. We ask to come in. We could come in.   But we dad to be quite!   we saw how the king and the three wise men came in.

Then we went out to Bethlehem. On the way we saw three shepherds, they were funny, because they through hay on there heads. There was real goats, there was a certain goat I liked. The goat was white and looked like chocolate fell on his head and body, he was the oldest goat, but he was still a baby.  

Finally we got to Bethlehem, there was a lot of people there.  Then we went to the stable and in the stables was. . .
Mary and Joseph and. . .  there baby!!!  When the play ended we went to donkeys.  The donkeys did not show any attention to us. Then I went to the playground.  We  got a gift bag.  Mum couldn't  find me, because I was riding the flying fox! it was fun!!!!!!!!!!!! you should go to!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Celebrating our Residence!

Going to eat out for our Residence is yum!  Here is some pictures.

Celebrating our Permanent Residence is fun!
the place

we went to is called . . .

The Elmwood Trading Company

Big Cats!

Big cat come in lots of colours.  They are cool!

Related image

There is a lot of big cat species.

Big cat species is cool!  They are endangered!

Help big cat survive!

You also get the small cat species.

Image result for big cat species

Big and small cats is all cute and cool!!!

come over!

On Tuesday my friends came to visit me.  We played a lot of games, it was fun!  One of the games is where I am a tiger and Mikayla is a tiger too, Saffiya was our owner, it was fun. We pretend the vet was going to spade us (spaying means the animals can not breed. And if you spade a tiger it is bad because they are on the endangered list!).
It was fun to have my friends over!  Here is when we played a black eagle game.  Mikayla and Saffiya was my babies!  It was fun!!!!!!!

 here is a picture I draw on the internet of  we pretending to be tigers.
here is a black eagle picture.

It was the end of the play date.  The day was fun!!!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016

the time we made peza!

this  my and Mikaly pizas. 

              this is hannes piza.                                                    here is where we have dan the piza.