Friday, December 23, 2016

Road to Bethlehem!

going to  Bethlehem is fun!  

It told us the story  of Jesus being born!

When  we entered Bethlehem the people what was in the play, was either bare feet or had sandels of the olden days on. I was bare feet too

In the first part was Mary and Joseph and a angel. It was fun. The second part it had markets. The Roman empire told us we had to go immediately  to where you were born, if you are a man. Then we went to Bethlehem, we had to leave immediately!

We  were almost to Bethlehem. The man what was leading us,  stopped in front of the king's doors. We ask to come in. We could come in.   But we dad to be quite!   we saw how the king and the three wise men came in.

Then we went out to Bethlehem. On the way we saw three shepherds, they were funny, because they through hay on there heads. There was real goats, there was a certain goat I liked. The goat was white and looked like chocolate fell on his head and body, he was the oldest goat, but he was still a baby.  

Finally we got to Bethlehem, there was a lot of people there.  Then we went to the stable and in the stables was. . .
Mary and Joseph and. . .  there baby!!!  When the play ended we went to donkeys.  The donkeys did not show any attention to us. Then I went to the playground.  We  got a gift bag.  Mum couldn't  find me, because I was riding the flying fox! it was fun!!!!!!!!!!!! you should go to!!!


  1. Wow Elijescha! This all sounds amazing! I love that you have used paragraphs to help sequence your story! Why do you think the donkeys didn't pay attention? I love flying foxes too! That would have been fun!

    1. Hello MissM

      I think that the donkeys did not payed attention, because I didn't have a carrot! :-)


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