Thursday, February 23, 2017


The Sky!
23th February 2017

When the sun rises,
It seems like a ball on fire!!!
From the grey clouds, to beautiful pink, blue, yellow, and orange, amazing!

Through the day, there is animals in the sky.
When all the clouds come together,  it looks like a big blanket! Then some of the clouds move away and the sun lit up the sky, it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then it turned black, pitch black, you can not see anything. Then the moon came, the stars twinkle like little balls in the far. The moon looks like a big ball full of milk, just for me mmmmm!  And I am going to drink it up before you!
Image result for kitten's first full moonBy Elijescha.

written for "Kitten's First Full Moon."


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  2. Hallo Isi, this is Pappa. I have enjoyed your description of the sky, how it tints into many colours and how it then turns pitch black with just the stars and moon to light it up. I am very proud of you! Mmmm I am in the mood for a nice milkshake now, wonder way...


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