Monday, June 26, 2017

Hello I am Elijescha, you see that, it is my board game!
I worked so hard, if you are wondering what is it called? It is called "help Teddy get to the tiger," if you think it is a bad name, please can you comment  and  say what I should name it. 
It is made after the book Tabby the wild cat(my favorite book.)
On my board game I added islands and every island has a type of cat on it like one island has a cheetah and another has a lion it makes the game more interesting. 

So do you like my board game, please comment and say if you like my board game. 
bye bye bye!


  1. Hey Eljescha, I can see that you have worked really hard, your game looks fantastic. The islands around the outside are a great idea. Are there any rules for your game? Or any instructions for how to play?

  2. Hello Elijescha Mikayla here.
    I like how you made your board game.
    how many number did you get up to.
    you could zoom in so people can see it cler.
    from Mikayla


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