Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A little of me


  1. this is a goods slide elijescha even tho i dont understand the word tho but it is such a cool slide anyway

    blog you later :)

  2. Kia Ora Elijescha it's Isaiah here and i'v been seeing that you are achely are south Afrikaan which is so cool because everybody in the whole world is different so it's cool to have you and other people to that are different it's good to have you bye Elijesha

  3. Kia ora Shikarn Here this is a great Google Drawing about you this will help other people to know who you are where you come from.
    Blog you later.

  4. Kia ora Elijescha!
    I love how you put in heaps of things on Africa! And I also love that your sharing things like that because it is really hard to when heaps of people can see it. I wonder if you were thinking about putting anything New Zealand like because you have lived here for awhile.
    Blog U Later

  5. kia ora it is Tane I loved this because... my favourite animal is a big cat Did you think about... adding more words to it
    how bid you pot all tohs big cats.

  6. hi i'm basty i want to see your presentation because i like how did you make this and i need to see your all presentation and i will follow you see me in this basty pardilla :D


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