Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Go 1950 Go Go New Zealand Go

I created my post card in black and white because they probably did not have color.  I have put the name 'New Zealand' on top  left of my post card.
 I have put the name 'Go 1950 Go' at the right bottom of my post card.
I have done this to indicate where and what year it is.

The birds at the bottom and top is the birds of  NZ that is still alive, that is:
Kiwi,  NZ Duck and the Fantail.

The birds at the sides the birds of  NZ that is extinct, that is:
The Haast Eagle,  Moa,  Huia and Laughing Owl.

The background is a Pohutukawa tree.  I have also put a  Pohutukawa flower
at each of the corners.
To complete it, I have put a Jandal in the middle of the top and bottom row  and a Silver Fern in the middle of the two sides.

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