Thursday, January 25, 2018

Milk Tart!

When my Mum make Milk Tart I indulge in it. I totally Love Milk Tart! 

How to make Milk Tart:
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1 x packet of whole biscuits
1 x Tin Condensed Milk
2 x Teaspoons Vanilla Essence
3 x Tins Milk (Measured in Condensed Milk tin)
3 x Rounded Tablespoons Cornflour
2 x Eggs

Heat 2 Tins Milk and Condensed Milk in a saucepan.
 Remove  the saucepan the form stove. 
Mix the rest of the ingredients with the third tin of  milk.
Beat well with a beater and add to the Condensed Milk mixture.
Return to the stove and stir until thick.
  Pour into biscuit base and sprinkle with Cinnamon.
Set in  the refrigerator.

The Kiddies version of the ingredients!



  1. Hey Elijescha,

    This is Jade C from the Summer Learning Journey team :) How was your day yesterday? The SLJ blogging team got together and we talked about how amazing you guys are with your blogging. You are doing an awesome job, well done!

    I am craving for some milk tarts right now. The ingredients are perfect, the recipe sounds amazing and the picture is making me salivate and hungry. Does your mum make it for you often for your afternoon tea? My mum makes sandwich bread pizza for us and I love them so much. She butters sandwich bread and she puts pizza sauce, chopped onions, sliced ham, corns, and lots of mozzarella cheese! They are just p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

    I would love to read your other posts :) Keep up the amazing work.

    Jade C.

    1. Hello Jade.
      It is Elijescha from Gilberthorpe School here.
      No sorry Jade my mum does not make milk tart for me every day. : ( (I wish so.) My mum also makes pizza bread but she puts cheese with ham instead.

      Thank you for your comment.


  2. hi my name is jai and i'm form Blaketown School and how long did this take? and I was going to ask my teacher if we could make it tomorrow when the year 7&8 go to teak and the year six could make it thanks for the ide


  3. Kia Ora Eliijescha,
    My name is Taleisha and I am a year 7 in Te Ngahere. I really like your milk tart recipe. It looks really yum! I like how you added the recipe and photos to support your recipe. Is there any other things that you can add like chocolate chips or any other additions? Great job!



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