Friday, August 5, 2016


If you don't know how you can be a friend 

try some of these:

Do not wait for others to make friends with you do it yourself.

Be nice  to others.

Try this. hello do you want to play with me?

help them.

You can make friends with anyone. 

Like this fox and kitten. 

I lind you can be friend can with anyone!

I am owas going to be nis to them.

I lint you can be frends with eneone.


  1. You worked really hard on this blog Elijescha and have done a great job. You have some great ideas and I really like that you will invite anyone to play. Keep checking your spelling - it will become easier with practice.

  2. You have worked really hard to get this all done and over with Good Job. By Tamara in Rimu Class Bye Bye.


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