Thursday, June 16, 2016

Snow Leopards

We are lining it make screenshots of Voki. 


  1. This is so cool Elijescha! Do you think you could teach me? What a great fact about snow leopards! Did you learn that from your reading?

  2. Hello Elijescha Amelia here looking on your blog!
    Thank you for this information about snow leopards!
    Next step please tell us more about snow leopards as I find them interesting!

  3. Hi Ethan here i am looking at your work

  4. Kia ora Elijescha.
    Thank you so much for your concentration during Reading. Your Voki is really cool because the fact you have shared is easy to understand.
    Are snow leopards your favourite animal?
    Ka mau te wehi!

  5. Hey its me Summer I really like how you
    want to talk about snow leopards I like
    snow leopards they are so pretty and people
    will be interested to look at your voki
    and it's really cool because you talked
    about it on a voki when i saw that I was
    really interested.

  6. Kamusta Elijescha nice work on your voki I would like to see it talk but is that all?
    We would like to see more upgrades.
    If you continue this slide that would be very creative if something great has happened.
    Snow leopards are my favourite animals this remind me of a minecraft animation of a snow leopard.


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