Monday, January 30, 2017

Kite Day

It was kite day, AND we don't have a  kites! So we went to look at the kites. At first we  thought it wouldn't be fun, then we saw a extraordinary kite.  Then I also wanted to see the other kites with mum. My brother came too.

He found a friend. they were playing in the waves. I joint them
 ( I had no one to play with). We went deep in the water, when I kneel, it rose high and touch the top of my chest. 

I wait for a wave to come, but it did not come. I hold one foot tucked in and one foot tip toeing rooted on the the bottom. When the wave came, I lifted the foot on the bottom up and the wave washed me to the shore.  Then I  went to the exact spot again and repeated it. It was later in the day that I got cold and then we went home. (home sweet home, where you grumble the most, but get treated the best!) 

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