Thursday, October 6, 2016

My house.

This is my plan

and this is my house!


  1. Wow! What gave you that idea? Looks like a pretty cool hide out! Did you make up any rules?

  2. Hey Elijescha, I am super impressed to see all of your blogging over the holidays, good on you, well done! I can tell that you have been having lots of fun and also doing your school work. Did you know that i made some huts in the holidays as well with my son. We used blankets, towels and pretty much anything else we could find. Did you make the hut on one of the days that rained?

  3. Hi Elijescha,Mikayla Here.
    I like how you made your hut did Hannes break it?
    What was it like in the hut.
    from Mikayla


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